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Since 2019, FOA has helped 358+ clients save an average of $5,385.75 ea.


FOA is your local home loan expert dedicated to ensuring your property purchase or refinance experience is top-notch. We offer a number of loan services for individual, investor, and business needs. 


At Funding Opportunities America, we know having a little extra help can go a long way. Check out our Offers and Incentives to see how we can help you better reach your mortgage life goals.

Are you confused about mortgage options or struggling through the complexity of finding the best mortgage for your needs? Not sure if a broker is for you? FOA is here to help answer the hard questions and more.

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Offers & Lender Incentives

At Funding Opportunities America, we know having a little extra help can go a long way. Learn more about our Offers and Incentives to see how FOA can make your mortgage dreams that much more possible.

Client's Testimonial

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“I never thought owning a home was a possibility, but Funding Opportunities America is making that a reality for our family.” 

Humberto Paz Alvarez and Pilar Urrea-Paz

Winners from our Home Ownership Seminar | May 2022

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Why Choose a Mortgage Broker

🏡 Consider the unmatched benefits of working with a mortgage broker! As mortgage rates hover around 8.01%, brokers offer a gateway to a spectrum of lending options tailored just for you. Unlike big banks, mortgage brokers delve into a vast network of lenders to unearth opportunities that resonate with your unique needs, ensuring you don’t just survive but thrive in this high-rate market. Explore exclusive lender incentives, special affordability programs, and cost-efficient strategies that empower you to live smartly while awaiting favorable rate cycles. Dive into the video to unlock the potentials a mortgage broker brings to your homeownership journey! 🗝️
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