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Lender Incentives

FOA's mission is to Find Options For Your Optimum Mortgage, putting the power of the marketplace back in the hands of each client. To achieve this, we work with a growing number of lenders and continually look for additional lender partners that allow us to offer niches in the marketplace. In other words, the more partners we have, the more incentives and savings we can offer! 


When we present our clients with their options, not only do we filter and magnify these options based upon rate, price, costs to close, and our Promotional Offers, we highlight the respective Lender Incentives currently being offered and pass those additional savings on to our clients.

Continue to check in with us, as our Incentives are always being modified and updated. If there are no Incentives listed, please feel free to Contact Us and one of our Loan Officers can assist you in finding saving that work for you.

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Please note: Due to the fact that FOA is not in control of our Lender’s promotions or the ability to honor these promotions, please note that Funding Opportunities America, LLC., liability to our clients is limited and based upon potential circumstances beyond our control.


We always strive to advocate for our clients and help get clients the best Incentives, though we cannot guarantee Incentives.

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