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From Our Founders

FOA Logo - Finding Options For Your Optimum Mortgage

When it comes to making one of the most important financial decisions in your life, you want to ensure that you are working with professionals who can help you feel confident that the best and most informed decisions are being made.  


Buying real estate—your home or an investment—is a huge financial commitment. Making a financial move of this sort, one that will impact the rest of your life, can be stressful. Especially if done haphazardly, financial decisions can affect your world for a long time. 


At FOA, we believe that everyone—no matter who they are, what their level of education, career, or knowledge of finance is, and no matter how worldly or unsure they feel—everyone should have the power to make the best financial decisions and find what is right for them. We have found that what most people do not have is the access or knowledge base to struggle through the process of finding resources to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. 


That is where FOA comes in. Our mission is to Find You Options for Your Optimum Mortgage by exploring options from over 50 lender-partners and evaluating them—weighing them against one another all while continuing to look at the marketplace for other options for our clients. And, more importantly, we do not wait until the last minute to pay attention to your file, because our clients are more than information. As soon as FOA has identified your five or more lending options, the process starts. We anticipate, plan, and provide a roadmap with options and alternatives to get our clients through the mortgage process as quickly and precisely as possible and with their needs taking center stage. 


And we do not just find you one mortgage option—FOA finds at least five options that we weigh against one another. We compare rates, the pricing of all rates available for all options, costs to close, lender incentives, and broker promotions to help our clients feel confident when taking on this new financial endeavor.  


Now, you may be saying, “But how do I make a decision?” And you are right, taking out a mortgage can still be confusing and overwhelming. But this is where FOA excels even further. We offer the expertise of all our staff so you can trust the advice agreed on by our Loan Officers and other professionals in the industry. As clients, you will be supported by the entirety of FOA—we are all here to answer your questions and help you make the best financial decisions for you and your family.  


We provide education unseen in the brokering industry and take the time to listen to and understand our clients’ needs. But we do not pretend to know the answers to everything. If there is something that we feel would be better answered by another professional, we facilitate that connection.  


In this vein, FOA is the founder of a group of professionals that provide guidance and assist our Loan Officers in finding the answers our clients are looking for. Our partner-professionals not only provide guidance but, when working with any of our clients, will meet in person or through virtual meetings as often as daily to make sure that all transactions are working seamlessly throughout the complex mortgage process.  


Migrating the process of one bank alone is complex, but managing and migrating the processes of 50+ lender-partners and their programs—now that is not for the weak-hearted. And, because of this challenge and our commitment to our clients, we make sure that our partners are made of the same composition. That is why we call our partnerships Pinnacle Partnerships, as these professionals are of the utmost quality and the pinnacle of our—and, most importantly, our clients’—successes. 


And the benefits of working with FOA do not stop there. FOA prides itself on transparency as a core value. We never conceal information from our clients, especially when comparing loan options. Whether lender-paid or borrower-paid, you will, most importantly, see FOA's compensation. 


So, when facing a mortgage decision or when contending with any other related financial topics, even those you just want to chat about, do not look any further. Reach out to FOA—we can be the ones that will help you, day in and day out. 


Thank you for trusting FOA, 

Richard P. Van Orden, Jr. 

CEO & Founder 

Michael J. Freeman

Managing Partner & Loan Officer

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